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This episode is on how Austin and Ally get invited to a party, and both show up. This romantic episode is on how they both attend and try to get eachother jealous, and Ally is then secretly kidnapped. Austin, Trish, and Dez manage to track her down and save her from near death. Romance slowly sparks up.

This is my version of Successes and Setbacks. I hope you like it!

Austin got his record deal after he performed live.

"Thank you Jimmy!" Austin shakes hands with Jimmy. " I'm going to get a record deal!

What Up!" (hand shake with Dez) Trish claps. "Congrats, Austin!" Austin and Ally hug.

" Not so fast, young man." Austin's mom says. "What do you mean?" asked Austin, his smile

fading. " We mean, say no to the record deal." "Wait! Why?" Austin asked. "You're too young. And we want

you to work at the matress store." "But singing is my life, and i finally got it." "Were sorry, but we have our minds

set." Said Austins mom. "But-" "No buts."

Austin runs out of the room. " Austin!" Ally calls. "Mr. and Mrs. Moon, Austin is ready. I can't be more sure of

anything. He's worked really hard, and almost lost his voice. I couldn't be proud of him more. Back away from

your mattresses for a second and look at what Austin wants. He deserves this. I want this for him just as much as

he does. He's helped me, too. So please believe he's ready. I'd give anything to see him get his dream. (Parents

leave) " Ally, that was amazing!" Says Trish. "You've never done that before!" " I know, and I can't believe I did it,

either. I just hope it works.

The Next Day

" Austin, did you call Jimmy Starr yet?" Asked Austin's mom. " No, I was going to have Trish do it." "Huh?"

Trish looked up from her magazine. "But it looks like I'll have to do it. " He pulled out his cell phone. " Wait, Austin, don't dial the phone. We'll let you have the record deal." "Really? YES!" Said Austin, giving them both a small hug. " Thank you so much!" "Oh, don't thank us, Ally changed our minds." Austin ran over to Ally. " For real?" "Yep." "Thank you! I love you!" Giving Ally a hug. "Really? I love you too," "well why didn't you tell me?"

" Because the last time you thought I liked you , you totally FREAKED OUT." "Ally, that was forever ago. I barely knew you at all. But I know you now, as the best thing that ever happened to me." (slowly drawing Ally in) " You

used to drive me crazy, and I love you now." Austin laughed and they kissed. Every one looked shocked.

The End

Please tell me what you think. I'm sorry it's so long. Iluvauslly (talk) 20:55, October 4, 2012 (UTC)Maddiebug AKA Iluvauslly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love austin and ally :)


Note:Some of these I got from

Beauty & the Bad Boy (Story 1) Originally by TheAusllyWriter[]

Chapter 1[]

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I quickly jumped out of my bed hearing the loud sound coming from downstairs. I had been laying in bed when I woke up this morning and didn't want to get up and go anywhere. It was just one of those really tired days as some would put it but I knew I had to get up and get ready for school.

I had been laying down on my comfortable bed soaking in every minute of the breeze that was coming from outside my window and the sound of birds and squirrels running around or flying outside in our backyard and didn't want to do anything else until

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There it goes again, that noise that I couldn't figure out what it was until I finally decided that I wasn't going to get very far on this whole laying down thing until I stopped it. I quickly hopped out of bed slowly wiping the tiredness off of my face barely enough to see where I would be going hoping I wouldn't trip over anything on the way there.

I continued to walk to the front door of my room and could see smoke riding inside my room underneath the little cracks of my door and knew that whatever that sound was it wasn't going to be good.

I opened the door quickly and ran out of my room that was on the first floor and followed the pattern of smoke down all the way to the basement me and my family had in our house.

As soon as I got to the basement door I could hear more noises and quickly ran inside getting more anxious by the minute at what it could be until I saw my Dad, Lester Dawson coughing and hitting on some contraption he was making.

"Dad! What is going on?!" I asked him shocked at all the smoke.

He instantly stopped what he was doing and cut whatever he made off and turned around and smiled at me with grease and smoke dust all over him.

"Oh hey Ally! I'm not doing much I'm just making my newest and going to be hottest invention Sonic Boom has ever seen!" he said excitedly.

That was the thing about my Dad. He owned a music store called Sonic Boom where I occasionally worked at as a job and always wanted to do everything the cheap way. So what is cheaper than having a bunch of things a music store needs? Making it yourself.

He was also an inventor and always came up with machines and whatnot that would improve Sonic Boom presentably and financially like making a guitar pick cleaner that would save him from cleaning it himself for 15 minutes.

"What is that?" I asked him finally looking at the machine he was toying with.

"Oh, this is a secret security system thing that is going to watch all the customers, and the best part it's free and it's going to be automatic so I won't have to turn it on, which also means that even in a simple second no one can try to steal anything from the store." he explained proudly.

I playfully rolled my eyes at him and giggle to myself at how cheap he really can be and smiled.

"Oh Dad, what's wrong with the security system we have now?" I asked coming up to him.

"Did I just tell you, it's free. But don't worry I will be careful in making it and I'll try to be a little more quieter so you can get some sleep." he said smiling coming up to me kissing my cheek and hugging me.

Me and my Dad had the best father/daughter relationship you could possibly imagine. He was like my best friend and had always been there for me just like my mom Penny Dawson was before they separated while she left for her business expedition trips since she was a researcher.

We had always done nearly everything together ever since I was 5 and I could be happier with my father and knew that whatever he tried to do at all times was look out for me.

"It's okay, I have to get up and go to school anyway but I'll see you later tonight!" I said to him smiling back.

"Actually that's not going to be possible I have to work more hours at the store so I won't be coming home until think you can stay out of trouble until then?" he asked jokingly.

He and I both knew I never got in trouble before and I would never do anything risky enough to get myself into it and was never going to try or plan to do anything like that ever.

"Of course I can." I said smiling.

He smiled back before I turned around and headed back upstairs from the basement and ran straight to my room to get ready for the day that laid ahead of me.

As soon as I closed the room door and ran into the bathroom and took a shower and came out to my closet trying to find what to wear.

I finally soon decided to settle with a pink and black striped shirt and black pants along with black wedges. I then fixed my hair curling it like it usually had it normally before I was finally ready to go.

I grabbed my backpack and ran out of my room out of the house thinking to myself that maybe today was going to be a pretty good day after all.

I was finally at school at my locker putting things into my bag as I started to get a lot of guys staring at me and winking as they passed by.

I know, you're probably thinking why aren't I getting bullied or hit on aren't I the loser of the school? Well to answer your question, I wasn't...far from it if anything.

I wasn't the most popular girl in school but that didn't mean I was the geek. I was just a normal 17 year old girl except I had one thing that was different than other in the school, for some reason all the guys liked me.

Every time I passed them in the hallways or sit next to them in class they would always ask for my number, ask to take me out on a date, or even the usual one that I normally gotten which was asking if I could basically let them get in my pants.

I guess you could say I was the hottest girl in school that every guy wanted to try their way on me but there was just one problem, the girls.

More than half of the girls in my grade except for my best friend Trish was either jealous of me or hated me because their boyfriends or crushes were hitting on me or checked me out. But it wasn't my fault, I for one didn't even like all the attention guys paid to me.

I know it would be every girl's fantasy for something like this to happen to them but I was different. I was shy, timid, and really quiet. I also had horrible stage frights that I would never even think about getting over.

After I was done getting my books I heard the school bell go off which meant I was going to be late if I didn't get to class in less than 5 minutes and if anyone asked you is Allyson Dawson ever late, the answer would always be a no.

I quickly ran all the way down the hall getting closer to my classroom as the final bell ring and I had just made it in on time and smiled to myself as I took my seat.

I noticed that the teacher wasn't even here yet and everyone in the class were talking, running, and throwing paper at each other. I was now getting bored and was about to take out my songbook where I normally write all my songs at since I was a very motivated songwriter until I felt two people come in front of me.

"Ally! Will you please tell Dez that he can't keep doing whatever he wants to my stuff?!" my best friend Trish said angrily glaring at Dez.

Trish and Dez were like my only best friends in the entire school.

"Why don't you tell Trish that she let me use her book so I thought I could decorate it to make it look more presentable!" Dez fired back.

This is something they always did on a daily basis. All day long they would just fight and argue over everything and anything.

"Okay, what did he do now?" I asked them.

"I told him he can borrow my book for Spanish and instead of giving it back covered in kangaroo stickers and orange paint." Trish said holding up her book glaring at Dez still.

"I was only trying to make it better!" he argued back.

"Better? This looks like shit!" she said to him.

I sighed and rolled my eyes playfully as I was about to say something until the teacher comes back in looking really agitated which was weird because she was always cheerful.

"Okay class, settle down and take your seats." she said to all of us bluntly.

Trish and Dez glared at each other one last time before they both walk off to their seats making their last dirty looks at each other.

"Before we begin, we're going to have another person in this class since he got kicked out in the last one." she said annoyed.

Everyone attention turned to the door waiting for whoever was going to walk inside that door until I see a shaggy blonde guy come through the door carefree not caring what or who was watching him...freaking Austin Moon.

He was the worst of the worst. He was always mean to everyone and by everyone I mean...everyone. He didn't care if he got in trouble or not, he just did what he did to get by and sometimes, that didn't even work.

Everyone in the room except for me and Trish started clapping, smiling, and waving at him since they treated him like royalty. What I couldn't figure out was why? He literally treat everyone like crap and hated everything but yet they still were trying to get his attention.

"Mr. Moon you can just to Miss Dawson." the teacher said looking toward me. I froze.

I couldn't believe what she was saying..Prepare for a long and very stressful 20 minutes for the rest of the period.

I could see girls from around the room giving me dirty looks like it was my idea for him to sit next to me which clearly it wasn't.

As he made his way over to me I tried my best to ignore his presence but it was getting really hard because the next thing I knew, some girl from in front of me turned around named Tilly Thompson.

"Oh look, Austin gets to sit next to Ally goody-two shoes Dawson. Another thing the queen wants and she got it." she said to me icily.

Tilly was always hated me because she thought along with the other girls that I got everything I want but I knew she was wrong especially since if I had it my way, Austin would never be sitting next to me.

I rolled my eyes and knew if I wanted this not to end bad or start anything I was going to have to be patient and that was something I was really good at for some reason and was about to say something until the blonde did something I never imagined him doing.

"Ally goody-two shoes Dawson? That's like the most original thing I ever heard...oh wait, it's not." he said sarcastically.

Me and Tilly quickly turned to face him looking at him shocked that he technically just stood up for me which was something that he would never do for anyone.

Tilly finally regrouped herself glaring at me and turning back around in her seat as I couldn't help but to continue staring and admiring all his good features about himself but not really caring about the whole thing.

"You're staring." he said looking at his phone.

I quickly felt my face turn red and started to feel a little embarrassed.

"Oh I'm sorry I was just trying to say thank you." I said to him.

"For what?" he asked still not looking at me.

"For standing up for me, I didn't know someone like you would do that. It was just so random." I said to him.

He then started to giggle which I found a little adorable but didn't think too much of it.

"What?" I asked him.

"I find it hilarious how you must be delusional if you think I was standing up for you." he said finally looking at me.

The moment was lost and there was no way of getting it back after that rude comment.

"Then what was that all about?" I asked confused.

"I just don't like her." he replied smirking at me and turning his attention back to his phone.

"Well I'm sorry for thinking that. Now if you will excuse me I'm going to pay attention to class." I said to him nicely.

I knew anger was never the answer and I would never consider showing it to anyone.

"Why? It's just class." he said.

"Yeah but class means that you learn which is something I love to do." I replied.

"Nerd." he muttered under his breath.

I wanted to insult him right then and there but realized that there was no winning with him so there was no use into trying to.

"Look, if you don't mind I like to pay attention." I said softly turning back to the front of the class.

"Of course you would. Cause you have nothing better to do." he said smirking.

Okay, if he kept talking I was seriously going to snap off at him.

Just stay calm.

I didn't want to respond to him anymore. If I did I was going to snap off at him and I knew for a fact that Ally Dawson didn't snap off at anyone.

And right then, for the rest of the period I didn't talk or make eye contact with him but I kept hearing the sound of his phone texting and going off throughout the whole class which annoyed me to no end but what did I have to do? Be patient.

As soon as the bell rang I quickly got up from my seat and darted off to class not caring if he could see I was trying to avoid him or not.

When I finally got outside and started walking to my locker I could see guys smiling and winking at me as the girls with their boyfriends gave me their usual dirty looks and stares. I've gotten used to them though so they really didn't bother me that much. As I went up to my locker Dez quickly comes up to me.

"Hey Ally, so how was it sitting next to Austin in class today?" he asked.

"Horrible." I said to him bluntly.

"That sucks, he didn't give you any trouble did he?" he then asked.

That was the thing about Dez, even though he was my best friend we treated each other more like overprotected brother and sisters. He would always look out for me and makes sure nothing bad happened just like Trish does and he was the only best friend of Austin's who put up with him.

You see, he had to be I guess since he occasionally worked at the Moon's residence being his activist since he hardly did anything with anyone but himself. Now unlike other people Austin was more popular not just because of his looks but also because his parents Mike and Mimi Moon owned Moon Mattress Kingdom, which was one of the most popular stores in Florida.

"Unless you call getting on his phone throughout the whole period, then yes he did cause me trouble." I said to him.

"Well don't worry, he's not always like that to many people. He always does much worse whenever he sits next to anyone else." he said.

I sighed and turned back around to my locker trying to get the thought of that criminal out of my head. But even though I was trying my best, I got no luck. Especially when I suddenly see him coming down this way with the assistant principal and the guidance counselor towards me and Dez.

"You got to be kidding me! Why did I have to move?!" he asked the assistant principal.

"Because, you've been causing me more trouble since you moved into the locker area next to my office than you have before and just for you to get a reality check, you're going to be over here now." he answered him.

Me and Dez both gave each other puzzled looks as Austin along with the teachers comes up to the locker which happened to be right next to mine.

"Mr. Moon, you will now be right here from now on." the guidance counselor said to him.

My eyes widen as Austin's does the same finally noticing I'm next to him and quickly starts smirking and shaking his head.

"There's no way in hell I'm having a locker next to control freak over here." he said to them.

I couldn't help but to get a little offended at his comment even though I was standing right in front of him.

"Oh yes you are. You want to know why? Because maybe having a locker next to Miss Dawson will help you straighten out your I-don't-care-about-anything attitude." the assistant principal said.

I wanted to say no to everything he was saying because I for one wasn't going to spend the rest of the year with him next to me all the time but I was also raised to care about other people feelings, which clearly he did not.

"There is no way you can do that and you want to know why? Because being stuck with her is like a living nightmare!" he said smirking at them.

"Hey I heard that!" I said to him glaring.

"I noticed. That was the point." he said causally.

I turned back around to face Dez who was finishing putting his books in his locker rolling his eyes at Austin's comment.

I didn't want to stay in this area with him any longer or I would seriously start snapping off at him and who knows how long I would be in trouble if I did that.

I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker shut and started walking outside the building since school just ended heading outside looking for Trish who I was suppose to give her a ride home since I just got my license not too long ago.

But boy was she going to listen to everything I had to tell her.

"And he's always talking about how he's like the best thing that step foot in that building!" I shouted in my car.

Me and Trish were both in it as I was driving hardly focusing on the road but doing my best to. Telling her the story made me realize that I guess I was a lot angrier with Austin then I thought I was but it didn't matter because he was the one that was being rude and a huge jerk all day.

"Ally, I'm telling you. He always thinks he's better than anyone and doesn't care about anything. He isn't someone you should hang out with anymore than you need to." Trish said to me.

I couldn't help but smile a little at how my best friend was being supportive and sticking up for me right now but reminded myself why I was so pissed off.

"Thanks for understanding Trish. I just don't understand how someone can be that heartless without a care in the world." I said.

"You're right. There has to be another reason why he acts the way he does, trust me I know a lot of people and none of them aren't that mean. Normally you wouldn't like one person or two like me and Dez, but everyone is saying something." she explained.

She was right, no one without any problems would have to be that cruel and hard on someone. If I had the chance I would try to get to know why the real reason he shuts people out and treat them like dirt but to be honest with you, I don't think I would ever get to talk to him again nor would I ever want to.

"That's what I'm saying! I mean, he had the nerve to tell people right in front of my face that he thought I was a living nightmare! Can you believe that?!" I asked her getting angry at the thought.

I was also taking my eyes off the road looking at her to make sure she would get the point of what I was trying to say to her not caring or realizing I wasn't even paying attention.

"Um Ally, I know you're angry but maybe you should calm down so you can focus on the road." Trish said a little scared.

I couldn't listen to her, I was too mad to think about anything except for today.

"Trish, don't you see I'm trying to talk to you!" I shouted to her.

"I can see that but Ally focus on the road!" she said to me worriedly looking in front of the car.

"Don't worry about the road, it's fine I know how to drive." I said to her.

And just suddenly I heard a loud bang in the front of my car and smoke in front of us started rising up as I turned back to the road seeing I in fact did hit something...more like someone else's car.

My eyes widen and I started to feel scared that I could have possibly just hit someone that was in the car and since we were in the middle of the street, someone was in the car.

"Oh my god! Did I just do that?" I asked Trish quietly in shock.

All she could do though was nod her head as we both quickly ran out of the car and I started panicking even more. I could see that it was another small car just like mine in front of me tagged onto the front of my car which was definitely going to get taken away from me.

As we continued getting closer to the car I could see someone in it still moving around wiggling and squirming around in the driver's seat causing me to worry even more.

We both ran over to the car and opened up the front door to see the last person I would ever imagine hitting...Austin Moon.

"Are you okay?!" Trish asked him.

"Yeah, your stupid friend just hit me with her fucking car, I'm fantastic." he said sarcastically.

Nice to know he still had his sarcasm even though he looked like he was in pain.

"Do you need me to call anyone or get you anything?! I am so sorry!" I said to him worried.

"Yeah right, I bet you're just happy that now I can't even move my right leg!" he shouted to me angrily.

I instantly felt like my skin turned pale and I was in shock at what he just said.

"Wait, what do you mean you can't move your leg?" I asked him suspiciously.

"I mean, you broke my leg!" he shouted looking at me.

This couldn't be happening, why out of all people did I have to injure him? The guy who makes every person's life a living hell but I knew one thing about this little event, I was definitely going to be seeing more of him.

Chapter 2[]


"Yeah right, I bet you're just happy that now I can't even move my right leg!" he shouted to me angrily.

I instantly felt like my skin turned pale and I was in shock at what he just said.

"Wait, what do you mean you can't move your leg?" I asked him suspiciously.

"I mean, you broke my leg!" he shouted looking at me.

This couldn't be happening, why out of all people did I have to injure him? The guy who makes every person's life a living hell but I knew one thing about this little event, I was definitely going to be seeing more of him.

I couldn't believe this right now. This was not what I wanted to do, this wasn't what I wanted to happen today, and this definitely wasn't the person I wanted to get into trouble with.

I was now at the Miami hospital in the waiting room pacing back and forth looking worried and scared out of my mind while Trish was sitting down in the chair looking at me. Austin was now in the ER as doctors and nurses kept running to his aid trying to do everything they could to help his leg.

I kept thinking to myself how I could have avoided this, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have to be in this mess period. I would have been happy and stress free paying close attention to everything in the road if he didn't piss me off all day.

But even I knew the whole thing wasn't his fault. He was merely a victim if anything. I knew that blaming anyone wasn't going to get us nowhere any time soon so I was just going to have deal with it.

"Oh my god, oh my god, I can't believe this is happening." I kept repeating out loud.

"Calm down Ally, it's not like you did it on purpose. It was just an accident." Trish said to me finally getting up.

"An accident that could had never happened if I didn't pay attention! How did I get into this mess? What am I suppose to do? What if my Dad finds out?! Oh my Dad, how am I suppose to explain this to him?!" I rambled on nervously panicking.

I literally had no idea how I was going to explain this to him. He would probably freak out, yell at me for the first time ever, or even worse kill me. Any of those options would be suitable and I was just so worried about the whole thing.

"Relax, everything has a reason and everything will be fine." Trish said trying to calm me down.

"And what if it's not?!" I asked her worriedly.

Before she could answer me I could see two people running looking scared and worried at the same time. They were dressed all preppy and the woman had blonde hair and the man had grayish hair and I instantly knew it was Austin's parents.

"Where is he? Where is my son?" his mother asked the doctor coming out of the room.

"Your son is fine Mrs. Moon don't worry." the doctor said.

"Call me Mimi, and this is my husband Mike." she said gesturing her and Austin's dad.

"Well Mike and Mimi, all I have to say is that your son is stable but he has broken his right leg and suffering mild injuries other than that." he said to them.

I quickly felt horrible more than I ever felt before knowing that it was partly my fault that this was happening.

I instantly started running over to them looking more worried I had ever been knowing I had to see him right at that minute or I wouldn't be happy with myself.

"Is he going to be okay?" I asked the doctor.

"Miss Dawson, just the girl I wanted to speak to." the doctor said looking at me.

"Who is this?" Mike asked confused.

Well if I was going to be known as the girl who practically impaled their son I might as well introduce myself to his parents.

"I'm Ally Dawson." I said shyly holding my hand out. "I'm the girl...who hit your son with my car." I finished.

At that moment, I thought they were going to hit me with their car too but was surprised how they did the exact opposite.

Mimi quickly grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.

"Thank you so much for calling for help." she said smiling into my shoulder.

I didn't know what to do. Wether to hug back or pull away and tell her I wasn't any type of hero in this kind of situation but simply put one of my arm over her and shyly smiled.

"'re welcome...I guess." I said nervously.

We then broke away until I realized why I actually came over to them and turned to the doctor.

"I need to see him." I said to him.

"I'm sorry but we can't allow visitors right now." he answered me.

I wasn't taking no for an answer and was going to see him and at least apologize to him.

"I don't think you heard what I said, I need to see him." I said to him more sternly.

The doctor looked at me hesitantly wondering why if I hated him so much since he treated me like hell then why would I ever want to visit him or see if he was okay.

To be honest, I didn't know why either. I guess it was just another thing about me that tend to get on my nerves sometimes.

"I think you need to be warned, he gets cranky and easily agitated with anyone that comes his way." Mimi said to me softly.

I knew that he would be that way but only could imagine what mood this incident would put him in.

The doctor then looked at Mike and Mimi and watched them nod their heads granting me permission to go inside.

"Okay fine, I guess you can go." he said to me.

I then let out a small smile and started running to Austin's room as Trish continued waiting outside for me waiting to see how much damage I really did do to him.

I continued running until I approached a room that was with the door closed and heard something more like someone yelling and screaming at someone else and didn't know what it was about.

"I said get out!" I heard Austin shouting at someone.

"But I have to give you your pain pills." the lady that was in the room said weakly.

"I don't care! I don't want anyone here right now so just leave!" Austin shouted back.

Yep, he was in a more worse mood I had ever heard him be in.

"Don't touch that just get out of my room!" he shouted again.

I then finally got a glimpse of the poor victim that was being tortured by him and saw that it was one of his nurse's that was there to help him ease the pain of his injuries, but clearly he didn't want that or anything for that matter.

"Yes sir." the nurse said sadly and quickly paced to the door and opened it.

As soon as she left the room I could see she had a sense of fear in her from all the hollering he was doing and looked like she was going to break down and cry.

"Are you okay?" I asked her nicely trying to cheer her up a little.

"Oh I'm fine, he's just a little angrier than most of my patients but don't worry about me. I suggest that if you go in there, good luck trying to come out of there happy." she explained.

She then gave me a small smile before walking away from me and the room as I started to walk to the door and opened it up slowly.

I was getting scared what he might do or say to me when I walked in, but knew I was expecting the worse if the nurse was getting treated like that and she didn't even run him over with her car.

I continued to walk in to find Austin sitting straight up in his hospital bed looking angrier than usual. I could also see his broken leg propped up with a pillow on the end of it.

His shaggy blonde hair which would be in place and combed back looked like he was ruffling through it out of his anger and pain and couldn't help but to see how much pain he was in which made me feel more bad than usual.

"Um...excuse me?" I asked softly entering the room and closing the door.

As soon as he heard my voice he quickly looked to me shocked that I was even there and then snickered and rolled his eyes at me.

"Who the hell let you in?!" he asked angrily.

"I just wanted to see if you were okay." I said.

"You didn't answer my question!!" he asked again firmly.

I jumped back a little getting scared at how much anger he did have in him.

"Uh...your doctor and your parents." I said nervously stuttering.

Way to hold your ground Dawson

"My parents, my parents let you in?! Were they high when they did that?" he then asked mad.

I couldn't help but to get a little offended at his statement but also couldn't help but notice how highly attractive he was when he was angry.

Snap out of it! He hates you!

My mind was right, there would be no way Austin would even think I was attractive as much as everyone else did only because he hated everyone.

"N-n-n-no they weren't, I just wanted to see if everything was fine. Your day hasn't exactly been too good." I said to him shyly.

"Well let's see, I got kicked out of my class and got to sit next to some freak of nature, got moved from my favorite locker position to get put with the same freak, then it gets better when she runs me over with her car breaking my leg, and now she's right in front of me now...pretending to give a damn about me." he said icily.

He was right, his day was pretty sucky. But I knew I wasn't right in front of him pretending to care about him because truth is and I had no idea why, I actually did care about him.

"Look I'm really sorry for everything I wish I could redo the whole thing-" I started to plead.

"You can't! Thanks to you, everything about my life has just became worse! You know this is all your fault! If you had just not talked to me and paid attention to the road when you're driving none of this would be happening! I don't get why people like you freak and you want to know why?! It's because all you ever do is cause people trouble and I don't care what you have to say you're not going to be forgiven ever!" he shouted to me.

I could feel tears swell up in my eyes and wanted nothing more than to leave the room and just go home. I knew it was bad but no one and I mean no one should have anyone talk to anyone like that just because they were angry.

"You're better go." I said weakly as I started to cry.

"Yeah you should!" he fired back to me.

I was about to turn around and leave the room until I saw the doctor looking at me and Austin through the window. It actually looked like he was talking to someone and when I looked more closely I noticed it was someone I didn't want to see right now or know about father.

I quickly started to panic and started to run out of the room until they beat me to it and walked inside with my Dad without his parents which was weird since it was his family.

"Ally sweetie what happened?!" my Dad asked worriedly coming up to hug me.

I was a little surprised that he was actually taking this quite well but knew something bad was bound to happen soon.

"Um...I'm fine Dad I am. It was just a little accident." I said to him hugging back.

I could hear Austin smirking as the doctor came further into the room closing the door.

"An accident?! That wasn't an accident, more like a failed murder attempt." Austin said.

Okay he was getting on my nerves now. I know I hurt him but that didn't mean he had to treat me like this especially since it was an accident.

"My daughter would never hurt a fly, she said she was sorry." my Dad said to him.

"Well sorry isn't going to help my broken leg now is it?!" Austin snapped back to him.

"Look, if there is anyway we can help or do anything for you just name it and we'll do it. All I'm asking if you please don't sue us." my Dad then reasoned calmly.

I quickly shot my attention to my Dad and looked at him like he crazy knowing that even if I did injure someone else, they couldn't sue me or my family...could they?

"But he can't sue us right?" I asked my father confused.

I could see my Dad giving me a hesitated look and that moment, I knew that he could sue if he wants to.

"Honey, I'm afraid he can...that is if he wants to." my Dad explained.

I couldn't believe this was true. It couldn't be. It was just an accident.

I quickly turned to see Austin who was now looking at me and my Dad smirking which was the close thing I would ever get to smile on him.

"You wouldn't." I said to him softly.

"Oh I think you and I both know I would. More money in my pockets. My lawyer is the best one in the state and trust me, you will be losing." he explained.

Was he serious? He was that big of a jerk to sue my father who barely had enough money as it is.

"Austin you can't do that! My Dad doesn't have enough now!" I said to him about to cry some more.

"That's not my problem." he told me.

"I'm sorry Miss Dawson, but it's true. If Austin wishes to sue you guys, he can take more than half of your family earnings." the doctor explained.

I wanted to yell and scream at how this was technically my fault but then again was his too. But if I went to court and said he gave me emotional distress which caused me to hit him with my car, I would quickly lose that case without any judge giving it a second thought.

"You don't want to do this, I know you don't. Please. I mean there has to be another way." I said to him pleadingly.

I couldn't do this to Dad or to our family, I just wouldn't allow it. Before anyone could say anything another lady came inside the room and I could see Austin quickly rolled his eyes at her.

"I thought I told the other asshole to leave! Why are you here?" he asked coldly.

"Mr. Moon it's time for your physical therapy." the nurse said.

"I told you I don't want to! Why can't you understand that?!" Austin yelled at her.

"But you have to-" the lady started to say.

"I said no!" he shouted.

"Austin, you have to do it in order to heal back to yourself again-" the doctor started to say.

"Did I say you could talk?" Austin asked getting angry.

I rolled my eyes along with my Dad knowing that this guy couldn't be anymore of a jerk than he already was.

"You know what? I got a better idea." the doctor said smirking looking at everyone in the room. "Nurse, you can go out now." he finishes.

"But-" the nurse started to say.

"I said it's okay, you can go now." he said nicely.

The nurse nodded and headed back outside as the doctor turned to me and my Dad.

"Can I speak to you Mr. Dawson outside for a moment please?" he then asked.

"Um can call me Lester." my Dad said.

"Very well Lester, it will just take a minute." the doctor then said walking out of the room with my Dad.

Once they were both gone it was now just me and Austin in the room and I didn't know what was going to happen next or what they were talking about outside.

"Look, I know you're not going to accept it but I'm not lying...I really am sorry, for everything." I said to Austin quietly.

"Whatever." he muttered under his breath looking down at his bed.

I didn't know what I had to do in order to make him believe that what I was saying was true but I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

"Why don't you believe me?" I asked him.

"Because you're you! I've been lied to before by many people, I never hear the truth from hardly anyone and so I'm not going to believe you." he told me.

I had no idea what that meant but wanted to find out more. Just as I was about to ask him though what people lied to him though, my Dad came in casually looking at me.

"Come on Ally, it's time to go home." he said to me.

I gave him a confused look not knowing why we were leaving now but didn't question it because it looked like something was on his mind. I looked back at Austin seeing he was laying down in his bed looking angry at me.

I sighed and turned around and left the room.

I started to look around for Trish and saw that she wasn't there anymore which made me more confused than I already was.

"Where's Trish?" I asked my Dad.

"She went home, but don't worry she's fine." he answered walking outside the door.

I could tell still by the look of his face something was up and I was going to get to the bottom of it before this day was over.

I was driving in my Dad's mini van going home and none of us had spoken a word which was unusual because he would normally be discussing a new invention he had in mind for Sonic Boom while he drove.

I didn't want to make him feel like I was trying to be nosy either, I just had to understand what was going on with the whole suing/Austin situation.

"So..." I started to say nervously.

"What?" my Dad asked me.

Here goes nothing.

"What did the doctor say to you? Not to be nosy or anything." I said to him. He giggled.

"Oh, it was just nothing. He was just telling me about the whole problem." he said to me.

"And...what happened with the whole suing thing?" I asked.

He then looked at me tensing up and I knew something was definitely wrong.

"Okay what's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing." he answered.

"Dad, I know you're lying. You can tell me anything." I said to him.

We soon stopped the car and came to a halt in our drive thru as my Dad turned off the car and looked at me cautiously.

"You know I love you right?" he asked me.

I suspiciously nodded my head getting scared what he was going to say next.

"Well, the doctor said we're not getting sued." he said.

I quickly smiled and felt relief that I didn't have to worry about that problem now but also dreading what he was trying to say after.

"That's awesome! How did you get that deal? I thought Austin said he was." I said to him.

"He did. And he still wants to." he then said.

I was stuck now, I didn't get what he was trying to say but was going to figure it out.

"Then why are we not getting sued?" I asked confused.

"Because the court has stated that we wouldn't need to get sued if we helped the victim physically." he explained slowly.

I didn't know where he was getting at all and was getting more confused.

"Which means what?" I asked him.

Here it was, the moment and answer I had been waiting for hours.

"It means I'm going to work for Austin Moon as his caretaker...for 6 months."