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Auslly Plots are plots you can write yourself and post them here! Everyone is welcome to write their "Dream Auslly Plot" even Wikia Contributors. Just make sure nothing is too inappropriate.

My Theory there will probally be some sort of episode in season 2 where this really pretty girl comes.. that is ALMOST as pretty as Ally and she tries to Replace Ally as Austin's songwriteing partner but... Austin and Her spend some time together and Austin realises Ally is getting Jealous, so When Austin and Ally are alone in the practice room he asks is someone jealous? [mocking her] Ally becomes tired of hideing it and says YES I AM JEALOUS! And tells Austin her feeling then Austin says that he feels the same way... and asks Ally why didn't you tell me that you liked me? And Ally says Because last time you thought i did you like freaked! And he says Ally we only knew each other for like a few weeks.... and he says but he did/ does like her... and Ally says REALLY? AND HE SAYS YEA.... THEY KISS THEN TRISH AND DEZ walk into the Practice room with their mouths WIDE OPEN.


-HEIDIS THEORY @HeidilovesAuslly! What's yours?

Angel's Auslly Plot[]

I am not with writing stories but this is what I think:(At a time when Dallas and Ally was dating)After Ally saw Dallas is cheating on her,she ran outside(It's raining outside)crying and Austin is running after her.While she was running,she slip and fell because of the rain and twist her ankle.Austin came and help her,he carry her,While he carry her and walking,Ally look at Austin and smile.At Ally house,Austin put a blanket on her and make her hot cocoa to keep her warm.When Austin was about to leave,Ally hold his hand and tell him not to leave.Meanwhile Dez and Trish is planning a revenge on Dallas for cheating on Ally,but then finds out it was his sister he haven't seen in a long time.Later when they are at sonic boom,Ally ask Austin if he can help her writes a song about how she doesn't need Dallas anymore,but somehow they wrote a love song.When Austin & Ally was singing the song,they realized it was based on them,they both stares in each others eyes,they were about to lean in for a kiss when Trish and Dez pop in.Trish and Dez told Ally if she's ok and that Dallas wasn't cheating on her.Dez asked what was Austin & Ally was doing and both Austin & Ally screamed "Nothing!" Trish began to think something is going on between Austin & Ally,but Dez is still confuse.When Trish and Dez left,Austin told Ally "Aren't you going to watch a movie with your "boyfriend"?You better go.Ally:Who's my boyfriend?


Austin:Dallas. Ally:But he is not my boyfriend,I don't-Austin:But Ally it's a misunderstanding.Dez:How did you even lost your keys?Trish:I don't know help me find it,it's probably in the practice room(Trish and Dez walk up to the practice room) Ally:Yeah,but I don't like him anymore,I found my prince charming.(smile and look at Austin)Austin:And I found my princess.(kiss Ally on the cheek)(they both hug for a very long time)Trish:(grasp) Dez:Awww Trish:(covered Dez mouth)(they walk down the stairs quietly)Trish has a shocking look on her face...To be continue.......

I know this is kinda a weird plot for Auslly but tell me what you think of it so far.As I said before ,I'm not good at writing stories.Sorry if it's long,I have a wild imagination.please comment below.:)Lo<3e Angel Austin&allyfan:)


So Austin and Ally are dancing because both of their dates 'stood them up' (Dez and Trish did it to get them together) and all of a sudden a slow song comes on so Austin asks Ally if she would like to dance and she obviously says yes so they start dancing kind of awkward and shyly looking at the floor and then they casually glance up and end up staring into each others eyes and Austin makes first move and he kisses her and that would be the end of that episode and it would be like to be continued and all dramatic!

Emily's 2nd plot

Austin and ally have to write a love song and they kiss in the middle of writing it so they end up writing the song about best friends who fall for each other exactly like them!


so since all of the above are all "stare into eachothers eyes and kiss" sort of deal, i think we can do better, their feelings need to progress over time, so, theres a dance, at their school, the Manatees. it's this big problem for austin cause his mom wants him to have a date. he ends up asking lots of random girls, but always slipping up and doing some thing stupid so they all turned him down. suddenly he is faced with only one left. ally. this time, he just bes himself and ally says yes. then at the dance they are just sitting and talkiing like normal friends, but mimi, being the snoopy mother she is, went as a shaperone and tells him to dance with ally, so,that is what is done.

Emily's 3rd Auslly plot ( oh yeah imma do 3!)

Ok so all the above ones are pretty sudden... Especially mine, so in this one, they grow extremely close over some time and are practically inseparable, except when Austin talks to Dez about his MASSIVE crush on Ally and when Ally talks tI Trish about her MASSIVE crush in Austin and Trish and Dez know that they both like each other so they come up with this extravagant plan that inevitably fails to get Austin and Ally together but Austin accidentally texts Ally about how much he likes her which was supposed to be sent to Dez, so Ally starts trying to avoid Austin to avoid awkward conversation about their feelings but Austin eventually confronts her and she starts talking, like, a lot, and Austin kisses her to shut her up but he gets all embarrassed and runs up to the practise room (they were in the Sonic Boom) and Ally hesitentaly runs up the stairs to him but he's locked the door and she sits by the door and starts talking about her feelings for him and he hears her through the door because he's sitting on the other side and he opens the door and asks her if that was true and she says yeah and the he gets all shy and nervous again (not like Austin to do that is it?) and he asks her out and she says ok then and he is like, really happy and goes "YES" but then he realises that she's still there do he pauses for a moment, mosses the hair out of her face and kisses her. That would be the end of like a few episodes of that and in the next episode they would have their date.         

When they we five they had sex together so they're kinda scared of each other, but then a girl comes in and kisses ally Nd Austin is all like let's Join in so he kisses tHe random girl and THen ally cries and then ausTin kills her and then he kills himself and in the after life they marry but they're both so sad Romeo and Juliet muc except weird right

Simone's Plot

Austin and Ally each have a date to there school dance. But Ally is jealous of Austin being with someone else,just like Austin is jealous of Ally being with someone else. Eventually, their dates dump them because weren't paying any attention to them. Ally is upset so Austin goes and comforts her. Just then, a slow song starts playing and Austin and Ally begin dancing and admit that they were jealous of the other's date because they still like each other. They kiss and dance for the rest of the night. So they pretty much become a couple again and this time it isn't akward.