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thumb|link=Auslly Trivia are facts that are hinted by the fans such as the Auslly song, color, animal or some similarties that aren't really specifically said on the show but are hinted.

Auslly Trivia[]

Auslly Facts[]

Ally admits she likes Austin in the episode Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Austin admits he likes Ally in the episode Campers & Complications

They kiss in the episode Chapters & Choices. They become a couple in Campers & Complications

They start dating in Couples & Carrers

They break up in Couples & Careers but hint they will get back together in future episodes.

Auslly Song[]

The Auslly song is possibly, Not a Love Song . Ally wrote this song when she was in love with Dallas but then revamped it for Austin. The song is for Ally and in the song, Austin is telling her that he loves her but as a good friend. It may also be Can't Do It Without You as in Albums & Auditions, Austin sings the song to Ally as a slow song and as we find out in several episodes, Austin doesn't really like singing slow songs, he wouldn't sing a slow song if it meant something. The lyrics also point out that he can't be where he is right now without her. Another possiblity is the Auslly song is Don't Look Down because it is the first duet between the two. Another possibility is You Can Come To Me because it is their second duet together and the song gave Austin the courage to kiss Ally.

Auslly Colors[]

The Auslly colors are red,black,white and yellow because in the theme song intro Austin and Ally are both wearing these colors. They also seem to both wear red often and red is the color of hearts and love. In addition both characters have been seen wearing the colors blue and purple throughout the series.

Auslly Animal[]

The Auslly animal is a Goose because Ally called Austin her goose, which she referred to as her inspiration to writing her songs.

Auslly Similarities[]


  • Both of their fathers told them that they had a one in a bazillion chance of making it in the music business.
  • They both can play the piano.
  • They both can play the guitar.
  • They have the same passion and love for music.
  • Their favorite foods start with "P" (pickles, pancakes and possibly peanuts).
  • Their names start with the letter "A."
  • Both of their last names end with the letter "N".
  • Their eye colors are brown.
  • They use the word "awesome" a lot.
  • They love coloring.
  • They both have Tweeter accounts.
  • They both love stuffed animals.
  • They are both great singers.
  • They both like ice cream.
  • They both need each other:                          

         Ally: To get her songs heard, because of her stage fright.    

          Austin: To become famous using Ally's songs since he can't write any.

  • They both like Bruno Mars.
  • They both are a part of Team Austin.
  • They both are friends with Dez and Trish.
  • They are both afraid of spiders.
  • They both like to help each other out.
  • They both have parents who own businesses.
  • They both gave up their dreams for their friends.
  • They go to the same school.
  • They have brown eyes
  • They both hang out at the same places.
  • They both are liked by Megan.
  • They've both had an article written that was about them (separately)
  • Out of Austin, Dez, Ally, Trish they seem smarter.
  • They both have been on the cover of Cheetah Beat.
  • They've both had stage fright.
  • They're both friends with Nelson.