here's my version of Rockers and writor's


Ally is writing songs in her song book trish is asking her what you writing in your private boom  all's trish said Ally  tell's her   your not gonna ever know ally replied trish just smiles while playfully rolling her eyes. trish asks ally if she has a crush ally says she doesn't have a crush but she was lying ally has a crush on dallas. The next day a customer named austin moon asks ally for  a free guiltar ally tell's him sorry but you can't buy Free stuff here    ally tells him austin gets lost in Her eyes ally snaps him out of it austin realizes that ally is a beatiful girl Austin leans in but ally asks what are you doing austin feel's Sad that he knows ally would never like him the next day ally see's austin again ally ask let me guess you want a free guiltar ally asks austin says no i wanna be your best friend i was thinking you could be my songwritor ally nods and says sure Austin says Yes out loudly ally stars at him austin realizes he said it ou loud and she tries to get out of it  the end