Chapters & Choices
Season 2, Episode 10
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February 24, 2013

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Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert


Adam Weissman

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"Chapters & Choices" is the 10th episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 29th episode overall. It first aired on February 24, 2013 to 4.03 million views.


When Ally's mom comes home to host a book release party, Ally works up to the courage to finally conquer her stage fright, and performs a duet with Austin at the event. By the time it comes down to perform though, she is nowhere to be seen. At the end Ally manages to perform the duet with Austin,
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finally beating her stage fright, and they perform "You Can Come To Me" which gives Austin the courage to kiss Ally.


The episode starts out with Austin working in the practice room on a run through of You Can Come to Me with Ally. He forgets the next line, and then throughout metaphorical expressions, they have a discussion that was basically about the song, but about their relationship on a deeper level. Trish and Dez, meanwhile, are outside the door, discussing how they think Austin and Ally deserve to be a couple. They enter the room, asking about the song, and they too start discussing the
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song and the singer and songwriting duo's relationship through metaphorical expressions. Ally asks to talk to Trish privately.

Austin and Dez have the same start to the talk as Ally and Trish do: Trish/Dez admits that they weren't actually talking about the song, and Austin/Ally reveals that they could tell. From there, Austin admits that he likes both Ally and Kira; he just doesn't want to hurt anyone. Ally, on the other hand, knows that Austin likes her, but isn't going to waste her time thinking too hard about it. Besides, as she claimed, her mother is, at last, coming back from Africa, so she's focusing on that. Ally then asks Trish to eavesdrop on the guy's conversation. She hears nothing, and Dez- doing the same action since Austin asking for Dez to eavesdrop on the girls- replies that it's really quiet.

After the theme song ends, Austin and Dez are the putting banner up: it says "Welcome Home Mom!" After Trish is a little mean to Dez, Ally comes in wearing a strange assortment of clothes, including a doormat that she claims is a skirt. Austin and Trish ask her about it, and she says that it's popular Africa
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fashion. Ally's mom then comes in, and even she questions Ally's clothes, to which Austin mocks Ally. She then exclaims that it's good to finally meet Austin - Ally has talked about him. Dez then asks Penny about what Ally said about him, and it's revealed indirectly that Ally doesn't really talk about Dez beside the fact that he's Dez. Penny then warmly greets Trish, and the two hug. Ally's mother happily says that she has gifts for them all, and proceeds to give them all copies of her new book- a result of her study in Africa. In the next scene, Dez and Austin are eating pizza at Mini's, and Austin is still contemplating whether to choose Ally or Kira. Dez gives advice, but ends up talking about their pizza- mushroom or sausage. Austin then spots Kira, and while he originally wants to talk to her, he ends up not wanting to. Dez, only knowing of his original
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want to talk to Kira, yells out loud and gets Kira's attention. Kira then talks to Austin. They talk about their relationship, and Austin admits that he wants her back but also wants Ally. Kira advises him to make a decision, and when he says that he wants her, she counters that he often changes his mind. He bluffs it off, but this personality trait is quickly proven to be there. Kira leaves, leaving Austin to wonder who to choose. Meanwhile, Ally is playing out You Can Come to Me to her mother; Penny loves it, calling Ally talented. They talk for a bit before Penny admits that even though she and Lester are separated, she's okay with him. Lester clearly is the opposite; he angrily walks into the room, furious at the fact that Penny may or may not have made a chapter about "Chester", the stingy, cheap gorilla- or, a gorilla version of him. Penny bluffs this off, but once the rest of Team Austin arrives, Dez is shown to have thought of Chester as Lester, much to his chagrin. They reveal that her book was good; it even inspired them, knowing that they don't have to overthink everything. Trish quit her job early because of the book, and Dez was inspired to run a marathon. Ally then reveals that she wants to try to overcome her stage fright, and Austin agrees, adding on that she and him can do a duet of "You Can Come to Me" at the book release party, and they
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agree by hugging each other. They then awkwardly back away, and Dez enters, revealing that he went to the food court and was then inspired to get some food.

In the next scene, Dez and Austin are in the empty locker hallways of Marino High School, and Austin reveals that he's chosen Kira over Ally because of many reasons- a few of which are that he doesn't want to risk messing up their friendship, their career, and etc. As he and Dez leave, Ally- having hidden behind the lockers- now comes out, sad. Back at Mini's, Austin is telling Kira about how he wants to be with her, and she responds that she'll think about it.

The book release party time comes, and right as Penny is about to introduce Austin and Ally, Ally runs off to Sonic Boom. Not knowing why she could have done this, Penny and Austin run back to Sonic Boom. Ally is writing in her songbook when Penny walks in. Ally apologizes for letting her mother down, and Penny says that it's fine, then telling a story. (see quotes below to see story) Penny then asks Ally what her biggest fear is, and after a misinterpretation- see quotes below- she reveals that her biggest fear
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about stage fright is that she'll fail- thus losing any and all chance at becoming a performer. Penny gives her some good advice- if she fails, she needs to keep on trying. Ally then admits that she'll try again, and the two share a hug before Austin comes into the room. Penny leaves, giving the two privacy. Austin talks about their first song being written, and explains how Ally's changed- she's evolved into a much more confident person. Ally thanks Austin, and they walk out together, holding hands. Trish and Dez are revealed to be reading Penny's book- or rather, Trish is reading the book while Dez makes animal sounds according to the animal that is mentioned. Penny returns, and re-introduces Austin and Ally. They perform You Can Come to Me, and as soon as the song ends, Ally runs backstage, Austin right behind her.
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Ally is ecstatic over conquering her stage fright, and Austin hugs her. She feels as if she could do anything, and Austin replies that, as long as he's with her, he can do anything. They lean in and kiss. After pulling away, Kira shows up and says that she will be Austin's girlfriend before hugging him.


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