Auslly Wiki

Fletcher/Chyna (Flyna) from A.N.T. Farm[]

  • They are best friends.
  • In the first episode, Chyna meets Fletcher for the first time, just like Ally meets Austin in the first episode.
  • They are always there for each other.
  • Fletcher still has feelings for Chyna, even though they dated for a short period of time.
  • Fletcher gets jealous when Chyna is with another guy.
  • They are best friends with Oliva and Angus (Trish and Dez).
  • For their first date they go to a crazy restaurant.
  • Ally and Chyna are both into singing and songwriting.
  • They're both Disney Channel pairings.
  • Austin and Fletcher can be dumb sometimes.
  • They are both main characters of the show.
  • Austin had a girlfriend Kira but wanted to break up with her to be with Ally. Fletcher had a girlfriend Kennedy which he wanted to break up with to be with Chyna.
  • They have a lot of heartwarming hugs.
  • Austin tends to sometimes copy some of Ally's gags. Fletcher copies Chyna's gags sometimes too.
  • Chyna and Ally both have the same hair style.
  • Austin made up a name by putting two items together called Guitarla Drumley while Chyna uses Dorrian Banister by putting two items together
  • These ships are both popular ones in the show.
  • They are exes but might get back together.
  • A lot of people who ship Auslly ship Flyna as well.  

Carly/Freddie (Creddie) from iCarly[]

  • They're best friends.
  • They work together on their music like Carly and Freddie work on the webshow.
  • They have both thought about dating each other but didn't because of their friendship.
  • They always hug.
  • Austin likes Ally.
  • Ally likes Austin.
  • Ally has stage fright, and Freddie is always behind the camera.
  • Austin likes to perform, and Carly is always in front of the camera.
  • They dated for a while.