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Ross Lynch
Full Name

Ross Shor Lynch


Littleton, CO


December 29, 1995
(Age 25)


Actor, Singer, Dancer, Musician

Years Active

2010 - Present




Austin Moon



Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995) is an American actor, dancer, and musician. Lynch is also part of a band (before he joined Austin & Ally), along with his four siblings, named R5 and is still in the band. Riker Lynch, one of his siblings, has a minor role on the FOX hit series Glee as Jeff, one of the Dalton Academy Warblers. Ross was raised in Littleton, Colorado.

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Early Life[]

Ross was born in Littleton, Colorado, the fourth out of five kids to Mark and Stormie Lynch- Riker, Rydel, Rocky, Ross, and Ryland.

He and his family moved to California in 2007 to allow his brother Riker to pursue a career as an entertainer. After the move, his brother Rocky taught himself and Ross how to play the guitar, and Riker to play bass while their sister Rydel began to play the piano. They soon made the band R5 with a friend they met at a dance studio, Ellington Ratliff, who plays the drums. They say Ratliff is like family and a brother to them. Their band's website is

He is the cousin of professional dancers, singers and actors Derek Hough and Julianne Hough.

Ross can play piano, drums, guitar, bass, and is learning to play violin. He has danced for the Rage Boyz Crew, a group founded by a dance company in Southern California. He has been on So You Think You Can Dance and has had guest appearances on shows like Moises Rules!, and can even be seen in movies such as Grapple, with Anton Troy. In 2009, he appeared in the Kidz Bop music video for Hot n' Cold, Let It Rock, So What, and Love Story. In 2010, Ross was featured as an extra in the Hannah Montana music video, Ordinary Girl.

418670 114341952045061 381548348 n Lynch was cast in early 2011 to appear in the pilot for the Disney Channel entitled Austin & Ally, playing the lead male role of Austin Moon, a teenage singer who becomes an overnight sensation after a music video featuring a rocking performance by him is uploaded to the internet by his friend Dez, played by Calum Worthy. The pilot was later picked up for a full season's production; the show debuted in December 2011, and was renewed for a second season in March 2012.

In early 2012, Lynch began work on the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie (Starring Maia Mitchell.) He is performing the role of Brady, the male lead in the film, which is directed by Jeffrey Hornaday and was released on July 19th, 2013.

Ross Lynch plays rhythm guitar and is one of the lead vocalists in the band R5 which also consists of his three elder siblings and a friend of theirs, Ellington Ratliff. In 2010, R5 released an EP titled "Ready Set Rock"consisting of songs written primarily by his brothers Riker and Rocky along with his sister Rydel. In April 2012, R5 announced via the band website that they had signed a record deal with Hollywood Records and that they are planning for their first club tour. It had been in May 2012. On February 19, 2013, they released a second EP titled "Loud". Lynch has also recorded several songs for Austin & Ally. These songs include Heard It on the Radio, A Billion Hits, Not a Love Song, Illusion, Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song), Double Take, It's Me, It's You, Heartbeat, Better Together, and Without You (the theme song for the series). They also created a Shiny Money and Austin Moon Double Take (remix). A Billion Hits was released as a digital download on February 21, 2012. At some R5 concerts, full songs from Austin & Ally, (i.e. Heard It on the Radio, Double Take, A Billion Hits and Not a Love Song) have been sung by R5 and Ross Lynch. Most recently, Ross, along with Maia Mitchell, Spencer Boldman and Bridgit Mendler went to Sydney, Australia for Disney Australia's Fanfest. Ross and Maia Mitchell promoted their movie Teen Beach Movie.



Title Role Notes
2009 "Little Miss Swaggar" Music Video Dancer Background Dancer, Music


Grapple! Aaron - Age 10 Short
2010 "Ordinary Girl" Music Video Boy in the studio Small Part, Music
2011–present Austin & Ally Austin Moon Main Role
2013 Teen Beach Movie Brady

Main Character

Ross Lynch.jpg


  • Him, 3 of his siblings, and a close friend, have a band called R5
  • He has an outie belly button
  • His favorite color is yellow
  • He doesn't really have a favorite food. He loves all kinds of food, and at restaurants. He'll usually eat what the waiter says their favorite food is.
  • He's never been to the UK, though he really wants to.
  • He doesn't have any pets.
  • He likes to run, draw, sketch, play ice hockey, act, surf, dance, sing, and play instruments.
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    He is the 4th child in his family.
  • He has 3 brothers, Riker, Rocky, and Ryland, and 1 sister, Rydel.
  • His only sibling not in R5 is Ryland, who is the manager.
  • The only member of R5 not related to him is Ellington "Ratliff".
  • Ross is okay with the romantic arc between Austin and Ally
  • He has a twitter account.
  • Derek and Julianne Hough are his cousins.

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