Auslly should happen for a various amount of reasons including:

1. The show is called Austin & Ally! It's so meant to be! 2. Austin obviously fancies her... I mean have you seen the way he looks at her?! Plus, he

   is like, the sweetest thing when he talks to her.

3. The hugs. I am not even joking, Ally practically flings herself at Austin in some of them

    and have you seen his face on EVERY single hug?

4. They dance together... Need I say more? 5. Their adorable conversations! I mean really, who actually talks like that to their best guy

    friend/ Girl friend?!

6. They hang out a lot! You know, besides writing songs and hanging out with Trish and Dez. 7. The first episode! When they write their first song together they're kinda shyish...? 8. Writing songs in general... They are sooo cute together! 9. The dude sang a song to her, practically begging her not to leave. 10. In Backups and Breakups they were acting nervous talking about how

      'weird' it would be if they were dating and then practically fantasising about it (you could tell they
       were enjoying it...)

11. Austin would prefer to lose his career than see her suffer. Considering they only know

      each other the way they do because of his career, that's actually a pretty big one.

12. Ally has a crush on a guy that when described in a vague way that she did, can be mistaken

      for Austin... That counts right?

13. Austin seemed more upset than the rest to hear that Ally's leaving. 14. Ally gives Austin possibly her favourite stuffed animal and he loves it. 15. They just obviously fancy each other and are just in denial... They'll come to their senses

      one day... :D

16. Opposites attract right? In this case, they attract A LOT!!! 17. Aaaaahhh!!!! Girlfriends and Girl Friends!!! Ally FINALLY admits her crush on Austin!!! 18. Austin just admited on the Campers and Complacations promo that he had a crush on Ally!!!!!!